Community-driven, user-centric software development

Einstein, NewtonOS emulator
Featured in Wired News, MacFan (Japan), APC Mag (Australia), etc.
Google Code page (binaries and source code)

ATA Support, driver and transactional database
Featured in Slashdot

Filtre & Go, spam filter for Eudora Internet Mail Server


SimpleArchive, archiver utility for NewtonOS

MoreWifiCards, enabler of WiFi cards for NewtonOS

LPR Driver, printer driver for NewtonOS

NIE Patch, fix for NewtonOS internet framework

toolserver(1), MacOS X program to invoke MPW tools

WideCardFile, usability patch for NewtonOS AddressBook

Escale, MacOS X application to connect with Newton MessagePads
Sourceforge page (binary and source code)

DCL, multi-platform data exchange and synchronization library
Sourceforge page (binaries and source code)

DockTCP, TCP/IP plug-in for NewtonOS Dock with Bonjour browser

SetAutoDock, utility to enable auto-docking on NewtonOS

Lantern Patch, fix for NewtonOS internet drivers framework

APOP, cryptographic tool for e-mail

MovieToSound, multimedia plug-In for REALBasic

ZLib, NewtonOS port of the compression library

Fortunes, fortune cookies for NewtonOS

KB Backlight, keyboard shortcut for backlight on NewtonOS

NewtonOS System Update 710031

Filtre V-Cards, vcard filter for Eudora Internet Mail Server

Newton Bowels, documentation and sample code about the inner workings of NewtonOS

EuroInstaller, Euro conversion rates installer for NewtonOS

BatteryCounter, statistics on battery usage on Newton MessagePads

NewtWorksFix, patch for NewtWorks application

BiggerNotes, patch for Newton Notes

EspyEnabler, enable Espy Sans font on NewtonOS

alt.rec..., NewtonOS handwriting recognition user interface improvement

LearnFast, flashcard game for NewtonOS
English, French binaries

Quotes, quotation database manager for NewtonOS

Dictionaries and localization kits for Newton handwriting recognition:
  • Brazilian Portugese
  • Danish
  • Dutch
  • Estonian
  • Finnish
  • French
  • Italian
  • Spanish

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